• Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madision, 2012

Research Interests

  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Chinese Language and Pedagogy
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Motivation and Learning Strategies

Courses Recently Taught

  • EALC-C301 Third Year Chinese 1
  • EALC-C301 Third Year Chinese 2
  • EALC-C525 Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language
  • EALC-C535 Chinese Curriculum and Material Design

Awards and Distinctions

  • College of Arts and Sciences Summer Faculty Fellowship (2013)
  • Jiede Empirical Research Grant for Chinese Pedagogy/Chinese Applied Linguistics, Chinese Language Teachers Association (2012)
  • Capstone Ph.D. Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2011)
  • University Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007-2010)

Publication Highlights

  • Su, H. (2012). Review of Dörnyei, Z. (2009). “Individual differences: Interplay of learner characteristics and the learning environment”. Linguistics Abroad, 2.
  • Su, H. (2011). “The Mental Verb Usage of Bei in Contemporary Chinese” In Proceedings of the 19th International Associate of Chinese Linguistics.
  • Su, H (2011). Review of Blevins, J. (2006). “Word-based morphology”. Linguistics Abroad, 1: 279-282.
  • Su, H (2011). Translation of Bybee, J. (2006).“From usage to grammar: The mind’s response to repetition”, Selective Papers of Linguistics from English to Chinese, 1: 101-123. 
    Reprint by Chinese Social Sciences Digest 2011 (12). Beijing: China Academy of Social Science.
  • Su, H (2010). "Towards Establishing the Prosody of Heptasyllabic Verse: A Case Study of the Tonal Patterns in Selections from Du Fu’s Kuizhou Songs, Ten Quatrains", In Proceedings of the 9th Phonetic Conference of China.