Domestic Applicant FAQs

Listed below are a number of questions that are often asked by applicants to our graduate programs, and answers to those questions.  If your questions are not answered here, or if you need any more information, please contact EALC.

  • When is the domestic application deadline?
    • The domestic application deadline for MA and PhD programs for EALC at Indiana University is January 1st. All of your materials must be submitted by this date. For any materials you are not providing electronically please submitt to the provided address by January 1st:

      Indiana University
      East Asian Languages and Cultures, Graduate Admissions
      Global and International Studies Building, 2050A
      355 N. Jordan Ave.
      Bloomington, IN 47405
    • Any electronic attachments may be sent to: EALC.
  • When will I get my admission decision?
    • Notifications of Admission are typically made during ealry to mid March.  If you are admitted to any EALC program, you will need to notify EALC of your admission decision on the provided admission decision form by April 15th.
  • What sort of financial aid is available?
    • Since EALC is a very small department, we have only a few highly competitive fellowship offers available.  Assistant Instructor (AI) positions are also available, but these are also very competitive. Each EALC admission applicant will be considered for an AI position and will be notified of this in an offer letter from EALC before April 15th should they be selected.
    • There are also multiple Graduate Assistant postions available through out the Indiana University Bloomington Campus and various departments. Residential Centers and other Campus Facilities also offer various forms of employment opportunites to students. Please see the financial Aid link provided above for more detialed information about financial aid available at Indiana Univeristy and who to contact regarding this.
    • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Funding fellowships in Chinese, Japanese or Korean are offered by the East Asian Studies Center (EASC) and the Center for the Study of Global Change, which you are encouraged to apply for. If you are thinking of applying for either of these please notify EALC. so that your materials can be forwarded to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.
  • I would like to apply for one of your graduate programs, but my undergraduate degree is not in a field related to East Asia.  Can I still apply?
    • For MA applicants: Although a BA in an East Asian field is listed as a requirement for admission to the MA programs, in some cases the admissions committee will admit students who do not meet that requirement if they have a strong background in Chinese, Japanese or Korean.  You are encouraged to apply even if your undergraduate work is in another field, and as part of the personal statement section of the application,  be sure to discuss the relevant work that you have done in an East Asian field.
    • For PhD Applicants:  Students with an MA in a field unrelated field are welcome to apply for the PhD program, but should be aware that admission to the program without a very strong background in an East Asian field is unlikely.
  • Is there a minimum GRE score for admission to your program?
    • There is no minimum GRE score to be considered for admission.
    • However, if you are not a native speaker of English, to be considered for departmental financial aid, you must score at least the following on the TOEFL:
      • 93 Internet Based Test (iBT)
      • 580 paper based test
  • What is the ETS code for reporting my GRE scores?
    • The ETS code for Indiana University is 1324. For the department/program code, please use 2601 for "Asian Languages".  You can have your scores submitted electronically, or in a paper format, but official scores must come directly form ETS. Student-reported scores (including photocopies of score reports) are not considered official and will not be accepted by the University Graduate School.
  • It has been several years since I took the GRE. Do I need to take it again and send my more recent scores?
    • Since GRE scores are just one part of the entire graduate application, EALC will accept older GRE scores. However, if you are unhappy with your previous scores, and feel that they do not accurately reflect your abilities, we would encourage you to retake the test and submit new scores.
  • Do I really have to submit transcripts of ALL college and univesity work?
    • Yes. The university requires that official transcripts of all of your college and university coursework be submitted. This is true even if the classes on a transcript have no relation to the degree program you are applying for, and even if the credit appears as transfer work on another school's transcript.
    • All official transcripts must be original, in english, and sealed to be accepted.
    • If your undergraduate degree is "in progress" and you are admitted to an EALC Program, an official completed copy of your transcripts will be required upon completion of your undergraduate program.
  • Can I submit letters of recommendation which are written in a language other than English?
    • No. Since the admissions committee is made up of many faculty members, some of who might not read Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, you should have all of the letters written for you in English.  Since letters of recommendation are confidential, it is not appropriate for you as the applicant to translate letters for your application.
  • What is the best way to have my letters of recommendation submitted?
    • Letters of recommendation can be submitted online by your recommenders, or hard copies can be sent directly to the department. Both are equally acceptable. Please make sure you have 3 submissions by the established date of requirement, January 1, 2018.
  • I just discovered an error in the personal statement or writing sample that I have already submitted. Can I submit a revised version?
    • Unfortunately, no. All application materials are considered final when they are submitted and we do not accept revised versions. Please be sure to proofread your materials carefully before submission.
  • Can I submit a paper application?
    • The online application is the preferred application method for all applicants. It is much easier, quicker, and can save you money on postage. If you have limited or poor computer access, you can request to have EALC send you a copy of the paper application. You should expect to wait one to two weeks to receive the application if it is sent by mail.
  • Where should I send my application materials?
    • Please use the electronic application provided in the link below. You may attach the following required componets directly to this application and it is easiest and most efficient to do so:
      • Online Application for Graduate Admission
      • Statement of purpose (500-1000 words)
      • Three letters of recommendation (submitted by your recommenders dierectly from links you provide from the online application)
      • Academic writing sample (usually a five to ten page paper) in English
      • $55 Non-refundable application fee
    • If possible the following materials should also be sent directly to EALC:
      • Complete official transcripts of ALL college and university credit
      • Three letters of recommendation (only if not submitted online)
    • Supplemental Application for admission (electronic only)

    If you choose to submit any of your materials hard copy, please submit all materials to the address below by January 1, 2018:

  • Indiana University
    East Asian Languages and Cultures, Graduate Admissions
    Global and International Studies Building, 2050 A
    355 N. Jordan Ave.
    Bloomington, IN 47405