East Asian Resources

Policy on the Translation of Official Legal Documents

Due to liability concerns, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC) does not provide translation services for any type of official or legal documentation or certify translated documents as correct. This includes but is not limited to driver’s licenses, financial documents, educational transcripts, birth or death certificates, and marriage or divorce documents. Please do not contact faculty in the department asking to have these types of official documents translated for you.

You can easily find certified translation services by searching online. For most East Asian languages, the closest certified translators are located in Indianapolis Indiana.  Indiana University international students needing a translation of their official documents can contact the Office of International Services.

The East Asian Studies Center has compiled a list of some translation and interpretation services for Chinese, Japanese and Korean that are available in the area.

Policy on Informal translations and interpretation

For informal translations and interpretation services, we would be happy to forward your request to graduate students in our department who are interested in translations and interpreting jobs. In these cases, you would be contracting directly with the individual/graduate student. The EALC Department would not be liable for the quality and accuracy of the translation or interpretation. For most small translation or interpretation jobs, these students are very capable, competent, and helpful. Please send your requests to EALC, and include the type of job required, as well as contact information and payment parameters.

**If you have questions or concerns about these translation and interpretation policies, you please contact Professor Ethan Michelson, EALC Department Chair.

Language Tutors

If you require a tutor in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Language, you may send a request to EALC, and your message will be forwarded to graduate students who are interested in tutoring jobs. Once again, in these cases, you would be contracting directly with the individual/graduate student. Please include your language, level, and contact information with your request.

You may also contact Indiana University Bloomington’s Asian Culture Center, where they maintain a conversation partners program which can be helpful for learners of East Asian Languages to practice their Asian Language Skills in an informal setting.  However, this is not an actual tutoring service.