Placement & Proficiency Exams

Important information for international students who wish to establish proficiency in their native language

Beginning April 16, 2012, undergraduate students whose native language is Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (C/J/K) and who graduated from a high school where their native language (C/J/K) is the language of instruction should fulfill the foreign language requirement by providing official high school transcripts or other documentation. Please download the "Application for Establishment of Foreign Language Proficiency for Non-Native Speakers of English" form from the College of Arts and Sciences websiteCollege Recorders Office.

If you completed the 6th grade or above but have not graduated from a high school where your native language is the language of instruction, submit to the EALC Department an official document that proves the completion of the 6th grade or above along with the Language Proficiency Certification Form (available at Department office, Global and International Studies Building 2050A).

If you did not complete the 6th grade or above in a country where C/J/K is the language of instruction, you still need to take a proficiency test to establish your proficiency in your native language. Students in this situation please see the testing information below.

Japanese - Testing for placement and proficiency


The online Japanese placement test is offered exclusively for the purpose of class placement, not for proving proficiency. All students enrolled in IU with prior knowledge of Japanese will need to take an online Japanese placement test before registering for their first Japanese class at IUB, to identify the appropriate class to take.

The Japanese placement test is available online at Students can take the test anytime on any computer that has access to IU network and with a headphone. Students will log onto the site with their IU user name. It is a randomized, timed, test with a 90-minute limit. A $51 fee will be automatically assessed when logging onto the test. Students are only allowed to take the test one time; A second-time login has to be requested through the Department of EALC with a valid reason. Students are not allowed to use any aids during the test, including dictionaries, textbooks, notes, cell phone, etc. It is for the student’s best interest if the test reflects their current ability. Within two weeks after the semester starts, students may receive an interview from the course instructor to verify their placement.


Japanese proficiency testing is offered once a semester for students who wish to fulfill their foreign language requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences or World Languages requirement for IUB’s General Education, but who are NOT planning to take a Japanese course while attending the IUB. Please refer to the EALC website for the test date and location.

**Please review the above guidelines for international students and establishment of proficiency before deciding to take this exam. You may need to submit documents instead of taking the proficiency test.

The next Japanese Proficiency Test will be offered:
Friday, April 14, 2017
Location: BH 117
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

If you are not exempt and wish to take this exam to fulfill your Japanese Proficiency requirement, please come to the above location with a pencil and photo ID. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted during the test.

If there is an unusual circumstance and you must take the test sooner, you should contact Professor Nozomi Tanaka in East Asian Languages and Cultures to discuss an alternate test time.