• Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2007

Research Interests

  • Japanese and Chinese language film and media;
  • inter-Asia cultural studies

Publication Highlights

  • "Co-Producing Cross-Border Action: Technologies of Contact, Masculinity and the Asia-Pacific Border." Trans-Asia Screens. Ed. Chris Berry and Zhen Zhang. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Press, (forthcoming)
  • "Scaling the TV Station: Fuji Television, Digital Development and Fictions of Global Tokyo." Television, Japan, Globalization. Ed. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto et. al. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, (forthcoming)
  • "Tokyo, Television and the Urban Imaginary." Tokyo Studies. Ed Yoshimi Shunya, Wakabayashi Mikio. Tokyo: Kinokuniya P, 2005. (Abbreviated version of the above article, written and published in Jananese.)
  • "Sayon no Kane/Sayon's Bell." Ed. Justin Boyer. 24 Frames: The Cinema of Japan and Korea.London: Wallflower P, 2004. 23-31.
  • Rev. of New Chinese Cinema: Challenging Representations by Sheila Cornelius and Cinema and Desire: Feminist Marxism and Cultural Politics in the Work of Dai Jinhua by Di Jinhua. Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese. July 2004.