• Ph.D. University of Arizona (Linguistics)

Research Interests

  • Japanese linguistics (phonology, syntax, morphology, semantics, sociolinguistics); lexical semantics; general linguistic theory; sociolinguistics; first language acquisition; second language acquisition; language pedagogy; language of food; food studies

Courses Recently Taught

  • EALC J401-J402/J543-J544 Fourth Year Japanese 1-2
  • EALC E320 Tasting Food in Japanese
  • EALC J421/J520 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
  • EALC E505 Mimetics, Ideophones, and Sound-Symbolism

Awards and Grants

  • Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies, 1998, 2004, 2015
  • Japan Foundation, Short-Term Fellowship Program, 2007-08, 2009-2010
  • TEL-COMS Communication Award for Excellence in Distance Education and Teletraining, Parker Communications Corporation and TEL-COMS, 1990

Publications (Selected)

  • An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics, Third Edition, Wiley-Blackwell (2014)
  • Japanese Linguistics: Critical Concepts, Volume I-III (ed.) Routledge Library of Modern Japan, Routledge. (2005)

  • The Handbook of Japanese Linguistics (ed.) Basil Blackwell.  (1999)

Journal Articles (refereed)
  • “Recipe Names in Japanese Cookbooks as a Gateway to Interpersonal Communication” Names: A Journal of Onomastics. (to appear)

  • “Toward a Taxonomy of Loanword Prosody” (with S. Davis & J-Y Tu) Catalan Journal of Linguistics 11, 13–39. (2012)

  • “A Construction Approach to Innovative Verbs in Japanese” (with S. Davis) Cognitive Linguistics 22.4, 797–823. (2011)

  • “A Construction-Based Approach to Phrasal Adjuncts in Japanese” Language Research 45, 111–129. (2009)

  • “Japanese Enter/Exit Verbs Revisited: A Reply to Kita (1999)” Studies in Language 26.1, 165–180. (2002)

  • “A Constructional Approach to Stativity in Japanese” Studies in Language 25.3, 525-553. (2001)

  • “Revisiting the Two-Dimensional Approach to Mimetics: A reply to Kita (1997)” Linguistics 39.2, 409-418. (2001)

  • “Degree Words and Scalar Structure in Japanese” Lingua 111, 29-52. (2001)

Articles in Edited Volumes
  • “Japanese Word Formation in Construction Grammar” (with S. Davis) Geert Booij (ed.) The Construction of Words. Advances in Construction Morphology. Springer. (to appear)

  • “Arabic Nonconcatenative Morphology in CxM” (with S. Davis) Geert Booij (ed.) The Construction of Words. Advances in Construction Morphology. Springer. (to appear)
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  • “A Constructional Approach to Mimetic Verbs” M. Fried and H.C. Boas (eds.) Grammatical Construction: Back to the Roots, 137-154, John Benjamins. (2005)

 Articles in Conference Proceeding
  •  "From Tasty Adjective to Succulent Metaphor: What the language of food reveals" Japanese/Korean Linguistics 25. (to appear)
  • “Language Change in Progress: Evidence from Computer-Mediated Communication” BLS 33, 436-447. (2013)
  • “The Manifestation of Intrasentential Code-Switching in Japanese Hip Hop” (with S. Davis) Japanese/Korean Linguistics 19, 407-418. (2011)

  • “Motion Verbs, Telicity, and Argument Projection” Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 13, 323-332.  (2008)
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  • “Event Cancellation and Telicity” Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 12, 388-399. (2003)